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B.A. Sans

     The light scent of desert sweetness lingers around my nostrils. I soak in the magnificence of this miracle. I never even noticed them before, always focused on the radio dial and the seemingly endless miles of road that lay ahead. The old saying, "Stop to smell the roses," comes to mind. Although these floral jewels are not roses, the saying holds true. A loud clinking of gurney on asphalt distorts my wonder. Then muffled voices distract me from these flowers' beauty. I lay there thinking I never saw the other car, but at least I finally saw the desert blooms.

B. A. Sans lives in North Las Vegas with his wife and son. His short stories have been published in Boston Literary, Stories for Children Magazine, Pen Pricks, and Static Movement. He will also soon be published in Necrotic Tissue. He is currently looking for representation for his two middle grade novels and his adult novel while he is writing his first young adult novel, a paranormal romance entitled From the Flames.

Claries Samuels

      His leg pressed against hers again under the table, just before dessert, but this time he left his knee there too long. A strange warmth entered at the pressure point and gradually filled up her whole body so that she feared she would float away like an astronaut having dinner at the space station. Finally, he released her, and she crash-landed back in her chair. She watched him surreptitiously.
      He feigned indifference. He leaned on one elbow, his fingers lightly touching his cheek, as he listened intently to his colleagues.
      Ah, such sublime arrogance! She immediately fell in love.

Clarise Samuels is a Montreal author who has published poetry, fiction, book reviews, and translations. Her first novel, Loving Brynhild, is a retelling of Norse mythology and is now in press with Heliand Publishing in Utah. Clarise has a Rutgers PhD in German literature, and her scholarly tome on the Holocaust poet Paul Celan can be found in major university libraries.

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