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Submission Guidelines

We are closed to submissions.

When Does 3 Mean 4?

We publish thoughtfully-crafted fiction that incorporates traditional elements of setting, characters, conflict, and a satisfying resolution. If your ending can surprise us, even better! Please include material in the body of your e-mail with "Submission" and your name as the subject line, and send no more than three submissions at a time. Please note: WE DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS. WE DO NOT PUBLISH ANYTHING THAT ISN'T IN OUR MOTHER TONGUE. IF YOU SEND US SOMETHING AND WE WRITE BACK AND YOUR SERVER TELLS US WE HAVE TO REGISTER BEFORE YOU CAN ACCEPT OUR E MAIL, WE WON'T DO IT. WE DON'T EVER ACCEPT ANYTHING TITLED "UNTITLED."

We are looking for the following genres:

Quick Fiction: We no longer consider anything over 250 words, so make every one count! We are big fans of narratives that feature strong characters, human dynamics, and transformation. Descriptive stories tend not to excite us that much.

The Drabble: (Exactly 100 words) A real challenge! We're looking for very short works that express interesting and meaningful concepts using the most tightly concise language.

The Dribble: (Exactly 50 words) Half the length, twice the challenge.

Poetry: (250 words or less) Try to be specific about events and circumstances—don't just tell us you're tortured, let us know what happened. Also, we tend to pass on poetry that is too long, is structured with lines consisting of a single word, or rhymes.

Haiku & Senryu: We prefer the traditional 5-7-5 format, and require that all haiku have titles.

Advice: Don't send anything that you haven't read outloud to someone whose opinion you respect. Don't send anything that isn't the very best work you are capable of. Don't send anything that doesn't correspond with what we are looking for.

Simultaneous submissions will be considered, but only if you tell us in your initial email, and if you agree to let us know immediately if your material is accepted elsewhere. We will not accept work that has been previously published, except in your own website or blog.

We do not offer compensation beyond publication, but we promise to promote you to the best of our ability.

Send submissions to: BostonLiterary@aol.com

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