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Mark Perry

underneath the years
heavy as his winter fur,
the dog sleeps at last

Mark Perry

five syllables fall
on a page with seven more—
a haiku takes root

Mark Perry

prey flee predators;
humans hide from wives with knives—
nature is amused

Mark Perry practices criminal law in Calhoun, Georgia. He has returned to writing after a decade-long hiatus following the death of his twin brother. His work has appeared in ten magazines during the past six months including Red River Review, Boston Literary Magazine, and Blue Ridge Literary Prose.


I don't mind dog tongues
They remind me of Milk Bones
A scent that is love

Ebby lives and writes in Maine, but longs for the green, green grass of home, which is Massachusetts.

Renewing My Soul
Rose Kowaliw

Morning ritual
walking barefoot on beaches
searching for sea glass.

Rose Kowaliw

Symphony of sounds
early morning wake-up calls
fluttering of wings.

The Pond
Rose Kowaliw

Weeping willows bow
white cranes flying overhead
Silent reflections.

I am drawn to the sparse beauty of a Haiku like the tides are drawn to the moon.

Craig W. Steele

Fourth-of-July night
sudden flash-bang of fireworks—
fireflies’ silent blinks

Family Tree
Craig W. Steele

old hickory stump
young sprouts sway with the breezes—
summer reunion

Dog Days of Summer
Craig W. Steele

sultry afternoon
water boatmen swim circles…
barely-there ripples

Craig W. Steele resides in the countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania, not far from Lake Erie. He is a biology professor at Edinboro University. Besides Boston Literary Magazine, his haiku have appeared recently in the Aurorean, Modern Haiku, South by Southeast, Shamrock Haiku Journal and Eskimo Pie.

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