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Boston Literary Magazine, 2012 Winter 2013
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Quick Fiction

    Unrequited Love - Phil Temples
    Death Row Hugger - Nancy Stohlman
    Greenpoint - Doug Mathewson
    I'll Have What She's Having - Brian Ross
    For Jen - Peter Anderson
    Better than Bingo - Meg Tuite
    Cyborg's Blue Quantum Love Dance - Brad Rose
    Domestics - Emma Rosenberg
    In Lieu of Wings - Robert Scotellaro
    Sex and Death - Robert Scotellaro
    Cal Carbo - Ray Greenblatt
    Provisions - Noel Sloboda
    Apology - Caitlin Barasch

    The Dribble

    Pumped Up Kicks - Caitlin Barasch
    Beat - Michael C. Keith

    The Drabble

    Winter Road - Carly Nelson
    My Valentine Sieve - Sherard Harrington
    Sidekick - Janice D. Soderling
    The Man at the Bus Stop - Nick Foster
    To Them That Finds This Here Note Pinned to My Parka - Dennis Vanvick


    Antlered Hat - Oleh Lysiak
    Colony Apartments - Judith O'Connell Hoyer
    Another Birthday in Paradise - Kaz Sussman
    Mid-Pack Travelers - Michael Keshigian
    What to Do with Intangibles - Michael Keshigian
    After Class - Michael Milburn
    Parent Teacher Night - Michael Milburn
    A Waitress Bears Witness to a Blind Date - Josette Torres
    '57 Bel Air - David Stallings
    Afterlife - Laura Rodley
    New Year - Reuben Torrey
    When I Found Out - Lorie Allred
    A New Year's Eve Heart-to-Heart - Jane Attanucci
    Vietnam - Craig Fishbane
    Acrostic: Debonair - Danny Earl Simmons
    Vegetable Soup - Rena Lee
    Muse - Bob Zappacosta
    Stand Up - Bob Zappacosta
    A Note - Marie Kane
    Mail - Jamez Chang
    An American in Belgium - Howie Good
    Two Samaritans - Kevin Walsh
    The Godverse - Kevin Walsh


    Wolf Moon - Craig W. Steele
    A Stranger's Footprints - Craig W. Steele
    Weekly Paper - Rose Kowaliw
    BD #5 - Rose Kowaliw
    Early November - Rose Kowaliw
    The Artist in Me - Rose Kowaliw
    Garden Haiku 1-4 - Lesley Mace
    Winter Path - CDSinex
    Happy Endings - Barbara Meikle

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