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Wolf Moon
Craig W. Steele

under a wolf moon
neighbor’s dog barks and howls—caught
between leash and stars

I step gratefully
into a stranger’s footprints—
deep snow on sidewalk

Craig W. Steele is a writer and university biologist whose musings occur in the urban countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania. Besides Boston Literary Magazine, his haiku have appeared recently in A Hundred Gourds, Asahi Haikuist Network, Modern Haiku, Shamrock Haiku Journal, South by Southeast: A Journal of Haiku and Haiku Arts and elsewhere.

Weekly Paper
Rose Kowaliw

Deadline drawing near
three more news items to write
Frenetic Fridays.

BD #5
Rose Kowaliw

Jumbo bouncy house
20 kids on sugar highs
Frosting and cake crumbs.

Early November
Rose Kowaliw

Dreary rainy day
wood stove, Kingsolver novel
Just right afternoon.

The Artist in Me
Rose Kowaliw

I want to paint wind
as it passes through tall pine
Capturing moments.

Rose Kowaliw enjoys creating original computer art as well as painting in oils, both of which have been shown in galleries in NY and New England. Her Haiku and poetry have been published in a wide variety of literary publications. She lives in pristine New Hampshire with her family and spends summers at the ocean walking the beach at dawn searching for sea glass. "I am drawn to the sparse beauty of a Haiku like the tides are drawn to the moon."

Garden Haiku 1-4
Lesley Mace

Mid-winter birdsong
such optimistic music—
but snow is coming

Rain-rotted rosebuds
decay, like broken promises
bending in the wind

Aspiring higher,
spiderling climbs tall grasses.
I await her fall

Autumn light softens—
Cinderella sunflower
dressed in summer's rags

Lesley is an award winning short story writer, whose work has been published both online and in print. She writes in a garden room, built for her by her partner, where she’s working on a crime novel, Dark Lantern. The heroine is a high-class courtesan, and the book is set in the atmospheric backstreets of Victorian London’s underworld.

Winter Path

Wind covers my tracks
with quietly drifting snow—
Was I ever here?

CDSinex lived in rural Hokkaido (Japan's northernmost island) for 20 years. His poems have appeared on The Hailstones Icebox (Kyoto, Japan), Every Day Poets, Contemporary Haibun On-Line, among others. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Happy Endings
Barbara Meikle

By coincidence
I spotted my old sweetheart
In a magazine!

I was his girl back home.
He was my guy in service
War ended. So'd we.

He's a great author,
I love everything he writes.
We're now email friends.

As I write to him
I see the sweet Air Force guy
From World War Two days.

He still pictures me
A teen age bobbysoxer
We have never aged.

We live miles apart.
Each has a spouse and grown kids
Happy with our lives.

Yet it's a pleasure
To be in touch again now.
As good pen pal friends.

We reminisced some.
Caught up on family and friends
Now talk sports and health.

We both feel lucky.
Not many left of our age
Family or friends!

Barbara Meikle is a part-time editor, writer, and octanagerian. She lives north of Boston with her husband of 57 years and their golden retriever.

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