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Gloria Garfunkel

     The sisters never reconciled. It had been fifty years since they spoke, after their parents' deaths, quibbling over valuables, things neither could remember. All they had left of each other, on their mantles, was a picture of the two of them, ages three and four, in the park, holding hands.

A Beautiful Day
Gloria Garfunkel

     Seventy-five degrees. Butterflies flutter in the shade among hosta, sweet woodruff, wild ginger and mint. My husband is housebound, in treatment for a blood cancer. He has to avoid contamination of his immune system. Outside are invisible mold and fungi spores.
     But we are alive. And it's a beautiful day.

Gloria Garfunkel has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard University and was a therapist listening to stories for thirty-five years. Now she is writing to tell her own stories.

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