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Laundry Day
Carly Anderson

     I piled the surviving sock pairs next to silk pillowcases, turned tweed trousers outside in and folded fresh smelling sheets, shorts, and tanks. I uncrumpled my favorite pair of jeans, your favorite on me, and from the pocket pulled the last letter you left me, the one in which you detailed your reasons for leaving (other than her), your words now bleeding from the page, the page now tattered and torn after forty minutes of revenge by permanent press, a tactical distortion, the words no longer legible but still palpable long after the last of my delicates is tucked away.

Carly Anderson resides in New York City where she writes short fiction, helps shape the young minds of Gotham, and impersonates slumbering bats at her local aerial yoga class. Recent works have appeared in 100 Word Story and Newtown Literary.

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