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Lori Cramer

     Their relationship was like a series of scenes that never progressed to a plot. Despite the varied settings—from thrilling ballgame to romantic restaurant—one character or the other always seemed out of place. Even their witty dialogue amounted only to meaningless conversations. Closing the book, they reluctantly moved on.

Lori Cramer

     At the mall, Gabrielle investigates a sale rack of baseball shirts while Cliff stands to the side, planning what they’ll do after she’s had her fill of shopping. They can go anywhere, do anything they want. The possibilities are endless. Nothing stands in their way. Except maybe a clearance sign.

     Chip went to the game with dreams of catching a foul ball, high-fiving the mascot, and chowing down on hot dogs. He almost gloved a ball, but some bigger kid jumped in front of him. The mascot, unfortunately, never made it over to Chip’s section. But mm, those hot dogs!

Lori Cramer’s fiction has appeared in the 11th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection, Pudding Magazine, and Postcard Shorts. She lives in Lancaster County, Pa., with her husband and children.

Dark City
Duncan Whitmire

     My cough started about when they discovered the mold. It had hidden behind the wall as it crept up toward the pinnacle of our roof. Some of it must have spread to my lungs; at the very least it’s begun colonizing my imagination. Spores can be insidious things like that.

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