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Winter Dreams
Rose Kowaliw

Sunshine and blue seas
Snorkeling with pretty fish
Damn alarm goes off.

You Go First
Rose Kowaliw

Decisions to make
Picture perfect, not so much
It will be painful.

Rose Kowaliw

Past, present merging
Time folding into itself

Rose Kowaliw loves the sparse beauty of a Haiku and its illusion of simplicity.

Denny E. Marshall

Aliens land craft
On top of one-story house
Roofing crew stops work

Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry and fiction published. Recent credits include cover art for Bards And Sages Quarterly Oct. 2016 and poetry in Space And Time Magazine #127 Winter 2016. See more at www.dennymarshall.com

Weather Can Be Frightening
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Snow needs shovelling
Wind gusts spray kitchen window
Cup of tea steeping.

It's Winter
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Toboggan in trunk
We sit bundled in woolens
Car engine wonít start.

Fireplace Magic
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Twigs, matches in hand.
Cat on family room rug.
Chestnuts wait in pot.

Krystyna Fedosejevs writes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Fiction and poetry published online and in journals at: Nailpolish Stories, 50-Word Stories, 100 word story, A Story in 100 Words, 101 Words, From the Depths (Haunted Waters Press), ShortbreadStories and espresso stories. Nonfiction appeared in flash fiction chronicles and in Wild Lands Advocate. Member of sixwordmemoirs.com; selected as Memoirist of the month for July, 2016. Krystyna resides in Alberta, Canada.

Rock Fest
Chris Bays

a mist-spotted moon—
i canít recall where i parked
in the muddy lot

Epic Gossip
Chris Bays

his lover left home
to fight, prove himself a man
in some desert storm

Budget Cuts
Chris Bays

like gritty gristle
the chairmanís words go unchewed
i yearn for sirloin

Chris Bays lives on the outskirts of an Audubon-sanctioned reserve in Ohio. When not recovering from a long night of screech owls, he is grading college studentsí essays or gallivanting around the country with family. His haiku and haibun have appeared in Contemporary Haibun Online, Frogpond, Haibun Today,Modern Haiku and other journals here and abroad. Some years back, Silenced Press nominated him for Best New Poets.

As Above So Below
Brett Dixon

half moon morning
fresh ice glistens underfoot
a walk among stars

Brett Dixon

the Winter reminds
the trees how to stand naked
old nests in the crooks

Too Soon
Brett Dixon

flurries in the wind
the Cold gives breath a body
and takes it away

Brett Dixon began working with haiku as a way of paying more attention. He hopes continued practice with this art will help him to trust the power of his word. These haiku are Brett's first published works of poetry. He is also currently working on his first novel.

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