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Boston Literary Magazine Winter 2017
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Table of Contents


    Balance - Richard Fox
    Invisible Spirit - Patty Rossi
    Black Smocks - Alan Harris
    Waiting for something to happen - Alan Harris
    This Goodbye - Margot Brown
    Faces of Sorrow - Richard Schnap
    Under the Weather> - Richard Schnap
    Awakening - Joy Martin
    Screw You Poetry - Colin Haskins
    Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? - Keith Tornheim
    Shadow in the Night - Keith Tornheim
    Reflections at My Mother's Bedside - Steve Klepetar
    Telling Snow White - Steve Klepetar
    The Last Time I Saw Wonder on My Brotherís Face - Sarah Ambrose
    Winter Sun - Sarah Ambrose
    My Father, Cardiologist - Robbie Gamble
    Dancing at Lucky's - Brad Rose
    Empty Nests - David Mihalyov
    America Calls Back Its Angels - Laura Rodley
    Beards of Moss - Laura Rodley
    Aberration - John Grey
    What a Sweet Moment! - Kenneth Pobo
    Stern Words - Kenneth Pobo
    Auto-Immunities - Joan Colby
    Weathering the Cold - Chet Corey
    Taste of Absent Fathers - Bill Glose
    Challenge Coin - Bill Glose
    Fault Lines - Brady Peterson

Quick Fiction

    The End - David Galef
    Cerberus Chained Outside - David Domine
    The Heavy Grist of Things - Thomas Hrycyk
    Getting Out the Vote - Doug Mathewson
    Glow-Bee and Me - Doug Mathewson
    Twenty-Pound Salmon - Joe Giordano
    Find Them - Joe Giordano<
    Posthumous - Catherine Moore
    Theft - Ray Greenblattz
    There is Always a Solution - Paul Beckman
    Guillotine - Brad Rose
    Divvying Up - Duncan Whitmire
    Sunday Service with a Sister - Amanda Bigler

The Drabble

    Laundry Day - Carly Anderson

The Dribble

    Underdeveloped - Lori Cramer
    Bargains - Lori Cramer
    A Day at the Ballpark - Lori Cramer
    Dark City - Duncan Whitmire


    Winter Dreams - Rose Kowaliw
    You Go First - Rose Kowaliw
    Unknown - Rose Kowaliw
    Shingles - Denny E. Marshall
    Weather Can Be Frightening - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    It's Winter - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Fireplace Magic - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Rock Fest - Chris Bays
    Epic Gossip - Chris Bays
    Budget Cuts - Chris Bays
    As Above So Below - Brett Dixon
    Honesty - Brett Dixon
    Too Soon - Brett Dixon

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